We do it all, we do it better, we do it for less...

At DC Mobile Exhaust we do custom exhaust repairs and pass the savings along to you.

How We Do It

We replace only the defective component, whether it's a catalytic converter, flexpipe or section of pipe, and do the job for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire exhaust section.

Quality Guaranteed

We use top quality 14 gauge exhaust piping, and top-of-the-line catalytic converters and flexpipes, and all our work carries a 5 year/50k mile warranty.

We guarantee all parts and workmanship to be VA/MD/DC Safety and Emissions Inspection Compliant for 5 years/50k miles.

For our catalytic converters, we guarantee the Check Engine light not to come on for any catalytic converter related issues for 5 years/50k.

There's no labor charges or pro-rating on any guaranteed product. Free means free.

Experience Matters

Our chief fabricator is an ASE Master Automotive Technician of 20 years, and certified welder.  We have serviced tens of thousands of exhaust systems, and we can give exact repair estimates over the phone on 95% of vehicles.

We serve over 200 car dealers in the Northern Virginia area. Give us a call/text at
(703) 786-7184 for a phone estimate.